An Education LMS that will cover all your online teaching needs

eLearning for the Education Industry with TalentLMS

It makes sense. Whereas for any other industry eLearning is a means to train its people in performing their job, for the learning industry eLearning is the online version of its core.

Why using an LMS in Education is crucial

eLearning has been adopted by enterprises and organizations, large and small, in all kinds of industries. But it was the learning industry, including traditional educational establishments, which first embraced eLearning.

Whether it's a large university such as MIT or a local school, embracing eLearning and investing in a modern learning management system such as TalentLMS, is a non-brainer.

  • It's a natural fit, as you already have expertise in offering courses
  • It gives you access to a huge market for quality, lower-cost education
  • It enables you to leverage your brand-name
  • It extends your reach to students that can't be physically present due to distance or time constraints
  • It enriches your traditional classes with supplementary material
  • It's cheap to deploy and easy to scale to hundreds of thousands of learners

Key features of an education LMS to meet all your training needs

  1. 1
    If your roots are in traditional classroom-based Education, you will be astounded by how cost effective eLearning is. With a single LMS installation you are able to serve thousands of students all over the world with minimal costs and effort. In fact, adding eLearning to your core offerings will probably cost you less than furnishing a classroom.
  2. 2
    An eLearning platform like TalentLMS is also intuitive and functional. Your existing instructors can get the hang of it and create courses in no time. And with its advanced importing capabilities, they'll also be able to reuse any existing course materials you might have, like presentations, documents, audio, video and more.
  3. 3
    You're accustomed to manually grading tests and schoolwork, probably. You'll be blown away with TalentLMS' capabilities, from automated grading (and test creation), down to detailed progress reports and student statistics.
  4. 4
    Last, but not least, TalentLMS supports blended learning, also known as "instructor-led training", enabling you to manage your regular classes with the same ease as your online ones, and letting you offer regular classes and real-time webinars as part of your online courses.

Class dismissed

If you're interested in a modern eLearning platform whose reliability, features and emphasis in ease of use make it a perfect fit for the Education industry, look no further than TalentLMS.

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