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Experience online nonprofit training for people of all technical levels — board members, staff, volunteers, and donors. Expand your organization's impact without expanding your budget.

Why using an LMS in Non-Profit companies is crucial

When comparing the most successful NGOs, such as Greenpeace and Doctors Without Borders, we can see that they operate more or less on the same scale as large multinational companies. They face the same problems, sport identical hierarchies and even have similar needs.

This includes training needs - either for their own employees and partners, or for educating the general public. That is why an eLearning management system such as TalentLMS is as necessary to a Non-Profit organisation as it is to any modern profitable enterprise.

  • It scales from tens to thousands of learners
  • It caters to learners based in different cities, branches, countries and time zones
  • It's easy to use for learners of all backgrounds
  • It can respond quickly to new training demands
  • It provides tools to help assess training effectiveness
  • It's cost effective, an important factor for all NGOs

Key features to meet the training needs of your Non-Profit

  1. 1
    As Non-Profits often hire new people or have a rotation of volunteers, automating employee training and orientation with eLearning software is one of the best investments you can make.
  2. 2
    eLearning also enables instructors to create new training material effortlessly, allowing them the flexibility to deploy new training courses as fast as the need arises. In the event that an NGO has to handle a crisis situation, educational material on the issue can be uploaded and made available immediately.
  3. 3
    Scalable and cost-effective, the two major selling points of eLearning for regular businesses are also what make it great for Non-Profits. With the same LMS installation, you can serve a small team or a small village in a developing country. eLearning is also cost effective. TalentLMS is a great fit when considering the tight budget NGO’S operate on when having to justify every penny spent.
  4. 4
    TalentLMS can handle any complex hierarchy or operational structure an NGO may have, allowing the freedom to separate courses and lessons for different branches, groups, classes, skill-sets and user types. With a single installation, you can handle the very diverse training needs of doctors helping treat AIDS in Africa and volunteers organizing awareness events at home.

Make a difference with TalentLMS

If you're interested in a modern eLearning platform that's renowned for its emphasis in speed and ease of use take a tour of TalentLMS’ multiple features or have your own free account set up in seconds and see for yourself! TalentLMS can help you cover your Non-Profit's training needs, enabling you to make a difference to the world.

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